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Comments are moderated but will be posted if possible.

Unfortunately, the spambots have found me, and they are merciless. (One post got – just last week alone – 2,000+ spam comments advertising drugs, girls, booze, boys, enlarged body parts, and farm animals (not to mention girls with boys, boys with booze, farm animals with drugs, and farm animals with girls, boys, booze, and enhanced body parts, or something like that. I didn’t really read the post that well, and I didn’t feel my webmasterly duty obliged me to actually look to see who was doing what to whom with which, y’know?))

Now WordPress has some lovely spamblockers and they work most wonderfully well, and I continue to use them, but it also seems unfair to my hosting company and the other users on this co-hosting server to allow posts which have been targeted by spambots to stay open…

So if you want to comment, and the form’s there, feel free. If you see the “comments are closed” script, and you’re not personally a spambot, drop me an email with whatever it was you wanted to say, and I’ll post it for you. I might even reply.

Note: If you ARE a spambot, go directly to hell, and stay. Don’t bother to write. I have some good spamblockers on my email accounts, too, and will continue to use them as well. You won’t get posted, and you won’t get a reply unless you’re within shotgun range.

Oh… and spamming the comment page? Yeah, that’s not gonna work either.

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  1. I finally got around to (well, discovered) this site. I admit I am a bit slow…but boy should I have gotten here sooner. I love the photos of course but all those words inbetween make my little pitty-patter go “heart-heart, heart-heart” . I read back as far as I could and time flew and I missed a TV show I wanted to watch and I had a great time! Felt lijke talking things over with a friend. Thanks for sharing!!

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