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The “G” Gaugers operate the Garden Layout at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum (which I visited and talked about a couple of posts ago). The oval here was pretty impressive, if simple – there were several trains running in both directions, and they looked like they ought to be running into each other, but somehow they never did.

So I watched those trains for a while, then I walked across the room to another much smaller layout, likewise well done, but the light on that side of the room was a bit wonky and the trains were running too fast to stop them with the camera… but off in the corner was a very small “switching” layout where San Jacinto member Mike Brignac was teaching youngsters how to assemble a train by hooking and unhooking cars.

8-year-old Jadyn learns to assemble a train using automatic switches and different side tracks.

Jadyn’s brother Draylyn got into the game, too…

The movements and patterns of this were fascinating, something like watching a two-dimensional Rubik’s cube solve itself.

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