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Okay, so if you’re here I sent you, most likely, and you already know more about me than you maybe want to know.

For the rest of you, there’s not a lot to tell and it sounds a lot more interesting than it really is. I shoot pictures. I sell pictures. Not much more than that.

So this is a place for odd shots I see, cute things, outtakes, stuff I can’t sell but want to show friends, family, colleagues, anyone who shows up. Somewhere around here, I think, there should be an email link, and even a good email address, so if you want to contact me, that’s how you do it.

In any case, all of the pictures are copyright-protected and I’d much appreciate it if you wouldn’t steal them; I don’t like to let the attack-lawyer out of his cage because he’s such an unfriendly sort of critter and usually can only be enticed back in with a strip of meat freshly torn from someone’s butt. Don’t make it yours.