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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Normally when a zombie smiles at you at this range, it’s way PAST time to be getting VERY nervous, but as it turned out, these were actually very friendly folks, especially what with being dead and all. On the other hand, zombies reputedly like brains for dinner, so news photographers probably aren’t really all that great as zombie chow.
(Cold comfort, perhaps, but under the circumstances, being surrounded by zombies and fresh out of flamethrower fuel, I’ll take what I can get.)

And this nice young lady, when she’s not wandering the street looking for dinner, is actually a mortician-in-training. Honest. You can’t make this stuff up.

Okay. I spend a LOT of my time – probably too much, honestly – looking at photos made by other people. (I should be out making them myself, but sometimes the inertia gets me…)

As a result, it’s harder to catch my eye than you might think, and right up until this morning it’d been a couple of years since anything REALLY snapped my head around.

Until now.

Not surprisingly, it’s Nachtwey.

The presentation that got me is here…

Nachtweys Wish: Awareness of XDR-TB – The Big Picture –

The bigger picture (figuratively) is the XDR-TB site itself. Smaller pictures, and flash, but more pix and serious information.

I’ll have more about Nachtwey and the TED prize, under which auspices the XDRTB work went forth, later this afternoon or tomorrow on my word-herding blog… but I want to do my homework and make sure I’ve got the backgrounders right. (also I have to go shoot some pictures myself now…)

Contemplative Cat. With wild paint job.