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Contemplative Cat. With wild paint job.

First rolls came out a trifle underexposed and maybe a tad underdeveloped, but definitely printable with a little help from a #4 1/2 filter, and definitely close enough that I can call it well for next time. 

Darn that’s a wide angle camera.   No, wider than that.  Wider.  Yeah.  There you are.  Like that.   I am happy to report, however, that I did not photograph my feet or any other stray body parts.

I’ll make prints and scan them tomorrow if I can, along with a few reflections on the subject when I get them sorted out.  It’s an interesting experience using one of these.

This is gonna be fun.

No picture just now; haven’t shot a lot personal in the last week or two, haven’t run what I have shot, and haven’t really felt that the few frames I DID shoot were inspiring me to rush home and run the film just to see if I got it. Not interesting or exciting, in other words.

However, there’s a new camera (yes, another! damn things multiply like VERY expensive rabbits) arriving today or tomorrow, a Kiev/Kneb 4AM (Russian copy of a Contax II rangefinder) so I’m going to load some FP4 up and go play… shots this weekend if the real world gives me darkroom time…