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Category Archives: Photog sites

Okay. I spend a LOT of my time – probably too much, honestly – looking at photos made by other people. (I should be out making them myself, but sometimes the inertia gets me…)

As a result, it’s harder to catch my eye than you might think, and right up until this morning it’d been a couple of years since anything REALLY snapped my head around.

Until now.

Not surprisingly, it’s Nachtwey.

The presentation that got me is here…

Nachtweys Wish: Awareness of XDR-TB – The Big Picture –

The bigger picture (figuratively) is the XDR-TB site itself. Smaller pictures, and flash, but more pix and serious information.

I’ll have more about Nachtwey and the TED prize, under which auspices the XDRTB work went forth, later this afternoon or tomorrow on my word-herding blog… but I want to do my homework and make sure I’ve got the backgrounders right. (also I have to go shoot some pictures myself now…)

Contemplative Cat. With wild paint job.

Spent most of yesterday evening checking out a couple of the FotoFest2008 exhibits with a friend and colleague. A three-photographer show spread over two galleries, Elder Street and Laura Rathe. Magnificent work. I’ll update later with the names of the photographers but they’re Chinese (of course, being the Fotofest theme) and they’re in the car… and I’m too asleep to remember them now.


This is the aforementioned colleague at one of the galleries, looking at shots from the Snow Festival in Tibet.

Mas, mas tarde.

Haven’t mentioned my latest “Camera Jones” just because there’s been no point up to now, but Saturday afternoon I wound up face to face with it.


Met a nice gent with a very nice portfolio and a nice bit of kit just as I arrived at the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park.  We chatted for a bit, and wound up, just in the natural course of things, facing off.  Mine’s bigger, but I think his is probably a bit more elegant in that classy understated way of the true Leica.

Art Forman, Photographer

(yes, that DOES say “M8” at the bottom.)

Gotta get me one of them.

(The gent above is Mr. Art Forman of Houston; his galleries, should you have the common sense to go see them, are here.  Trust me, the rewards are well worth the click.  He appears to be owned by a number of very handsome cats, so you KNOW he’s good people.)

The other side of the faceoff is here .