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Category Archives: Photo Links (my work)

As unlikely as this may sound, I have on occasion been asked: “Where can I buy prints of some of these pieces you shoot? Or some of the other stuff you’ve shown me before?”

And up to now, the answer’s been “Call me and we’ll work something out.”

Which sounds great, but somehow never seems to work, either because the controlled substances wear off, or the phone’s out of order, or there are bills to pay, or the victim gets help, whatever.

So I get why it doesn’t happen, but still… I’ve always wondered, “what if I could soak these lunatics while the insanity’s still in control?”

So I’ve decided to try an experiment.

I’ve signed up for a website where you can order some things online. At the moment the choices are just some few of the prettier Ecuadoran landscapes and people, and a handful of flowers, but I’m expecting to add more as time and technology permit. I’m also going back to shooting the sort of things that look pretty hanging on the wall.

Prints are available in several sizes and every level of finish from plain prints in envelopes to full bore mounted and framed “art” pieces, if that’s your thing. I’m thinking the prices are basically in a range from “low” to “reasonable” (but you’ve got to order big fancy pieces to get up into “reasonable”).

It’s all handled more or less automagically. Yes, they take plastic, yes, there’s a money back guarantee, And yes, the lab does good work. And no, the prints aren’t actually signed; we’ll still have to work that out between us.

The website is behind the kitty on the bicycle.


(I give you a kitty on a bicycle because (1) this is the internets, made up of equal parts cat videos, cat pictures, and pornography, and cat pictures are the only one of those I have on hand, (2) because Rhiannon DID like to stand on the bicycle, which is both cute enough and odd enough to be memorable, and (3) because people will sometimes reflexively click on cat pictures without thinking “what the heck am I doing?” and some of you may therefore wind up at the website. I think this is called product placement or some such thing.)

Enjoy. Have fun. Spend money. Remember Thanksgiving’s coming up and then the fat guy in red rolls into town.


Okay, there’s probably one or two staring at me and wondering why the weird sweaty guy with the camera is taking pictures of them, but mostly they’re watching the finals of the 2010 Sugar Land Superstar competition. Pix of the event, for whatever they may be worth, are temporarily offline until I can set up the galleries and hosting; the Chronicle has decided to cease posting galleries for the neighborhood sections. Not the way I’d be going, but it’s not my newspaper; I’m only here for the pix and the money anyway.

Okay, okay… less reading, more shooting.

So I get this email from the boss, accompanying an assignment to shoot the Tommy Tune Awards, the annual Theatre Under The Stars gala awards presentation for Houston-area high school musical theatre productions, and she says “shoot a lot; the boss wants to do a gallery.”

Okay. I can do a gallery.

The neat part of this was that I had the opportunity to shoot several of these productions during rehearsals, and I’ve shot most of the high school companies in west Houston one time or another over the last few years, so I KNEW I was in for something special. A boatload of work, for sure, but lots of fun and a fabulous show.

They did not disappoint. Kudos to all the participants, winners, nominees, coaches, parents, TUTS people… everyone.

Ladies and Gents, Grills and Bars, there’s one born every minute…


click pic

Well, it’s been 5 weeks, nearly 6, since the International Festival. I suppose I should consider putting up a photo. Or several.

International Festival front

Or I could just send you here, while I go back to work.

See you on the streets.

Well, since Google bought blogspot they’ve been gradually trying to force their users into being unpaid beta testers, and now they’ve decided that we must ALL change.

So I have.  I’m here now.

I was (and am) trying to migrate the existing photoblog entries to the new site (which is what you’re staring at), it appears that instead the “migrate” process may well have simply nuked my ability to access the blog control features.  I’ve saved off as much of the HTML as I can reach, and of course the pictures themselves were not ever actually hosted on the blogspot/google servers, so I can recreate most of it though the dates and orders of the postings may go a bit awry….

but that’s for another night; I have DSL coming on here in a couple of weeks and may well wait until then as the dialup I’m on now has SERIOUS bandwidth problems and I have a bunch of stuff going on right now.

For this exact moment, we’ll start with an off-site post, i.e., a link to some work I did recently for the Chron which they, for their own reasons, chose not to use.  The good thing about this, of course, is that when they don’t, I CAN.  Enjoy.