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And new gallery space.

This is your guide:

She’ll take you right where you need to be.

The blogs and the website are NOT going away… and I’m hoping to be updating even more often (no more months-off). However, now I’m ALSO leasing space and time from SmugMug. This makes it easier for me to post larger numbers of photographs from events AND, perhaps even more important, enables YOU to actually buy prints of Your Very Own to hang on your walls or carry around in your wallets or put on your desk or hang in the loo or recover your dartboards or…

And should you buy these, it makes it easier for ME to go out and shoot more OF them, which gives you a bigger choice of dart boards or wall decor or whatever. So it’s a win-win all around.

For future reference the basic website there is, but I’m going to also encourage you to wander smugmug and look at some of the other work there. (AFTER you order your prints, of course.)

Some of those websites belong to photographers I’ve been following maniacally for years. You’ll know `em when you see `em… but I’d REALLY appreciate it if you’d drop me a line when you find them, because if you’re wrong and I don’t know them, I probably want to.