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With Guitarist.

Now, you can say what you like about Ricardo Sweatt Rodriguez, but he’s an experienced traveller.

And he brought his guitar along with the case, to share music and a beautiful evening at the Willow Waterhole Greenspace.

I met Mr. Rodriguez briefly several years ago on a photo shoot (Butler’s Books in Rosenburg) and he persuaded me to accept one of his CDs. (I’ve honestly forgotten whether he gave it to me or I bought it for cash money. Probably he gave it to me as I didn’t at the time have cash money to spare for such things. But I’ll buy the next ones as quick as I can get them. He’s that good. Really. Does some of the funkiest off-standard guitar tunings I’ve ever heard….)

(I’ve hidden some other pix at The Gallery (Dunno whether you should hear that with an ominous rumble or just a rimshot, take your pick)…. just in case anyone wants to see them….)

Aw, c’mon, it’s only one click and you KNOW you want to.

Or you could always go over to his management company website and hear the guy play for yourself. Or even buy the CD. (Check out “Caravan.” It’s sampled for free but that one piece… worth the price of admission all on its lonesome, along with “Soul Mountain.”)


  1. He’s a very good looking guy. The fact that he can play the guitar makes him even more impressive.

    • Yup. For some reason, probably the intensity, he kept reminding me of Tom Laughlin. Might have been the hair, too. ;>)

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