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If you were in Houston about this time last year, you’ll have run across mention of the Amazing HMNS Corpse Flower, Lois. She bloomed, which is apparently quite rare, and the moment (several months of the moment, actually) was covered well past a fare-thee-well by the local corpse press. (sorry.)

And a bit later, thanks to the gent who became the Twitter Voice of Lois, (@CorpzFlowrLois) she got a sibling.

And this morning, the sibling got a name. And a little exposure.

Say hello to Audrey.
She’s a little over five feet tall at the moment, with still some growing to do.

With Audrey, of course, is proud “papa” Zac Stayton, HMNS’s resident Horticulturist To The Stars, and “mama” Julianne Maddox, who submitted the winning name to the Museum’s Name That Plant contest. (Maddox said it seemed like a plant that smelled like dead people should be named for a plant that chowed down on them. Makes sense to me.)

Now if you’re one of those folks who just can’t get enough of giant strange flowers that smell REALLY bad, HMNS is now offering patrons and supporters the chance to “adopt” Audrey (she’s a growing girl, y’know, and those critters COST) beginning at $20 a parent, which seems a reasonable way to get credit and a few goodies. Details on HMNS website here.

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