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Getting there:

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum is located at the corner of Avenue F and 3d Street in old Downtown Rosenberg, two blocks north of Highway 90 westbound. They’re open Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 – 5:00 and Sunday 1:00 – 5:00. It’s kid-friendly (there’s an educational center for younglings with books and train games and such) but some of the exhibits aren’t wheelchair-friendly due to the need to climb stairs into them and the very narrow passageways in the cars. The outdoor Garden Layout only runs a couple of days a month since it’s handled by volunteer hobbyists… check the website for details.

This is a very nice museum and such things cost money, so there are small admission fees. (adults $7.50 with discounts for seniors, military, and first responders; $5.00 for kids over 2.) There’s plenty of parking in front of the museum and in a lot across 3d street.

(More-or-less standard marketing teaser: Andromeda and I will be heading back out soon as we get a couple of crazy things sorted at Houston base camp. Look for the tales of our adventures here, over at The Other Texas, and on Instagram, where we’re @rcmwandering (using hashtags #AndromedaII, #howtostopatruck, and #attheendofthepavedroad) and also @theothertexas. I’ll toss links, snark, and occasional raging liberal political comments on Twitter sometimes, too – @rcmwandering and @theothertexas (no politics here, if that matters.)

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  1. Good to see you’re back out/about. Nxt time post interiors?

      • Betty Martin
      • Posted 29 May 17 at 0744
      • Permalink

      I wanted to see the inside, too! Did you take any interior shots? This post is awfully short, unless I’m missing a link to other pages. Interesting subject. More words and pictures please!

      • Not sure what you’re not seeing; there’s (supposed to be) a “next page” link right under “It’s a thing of beauty.” It’s a 5-page post; if you’re not seeing the link to the back pages something’s wrong. Are you on your computer or your phone?

  2. Ok, found them. Word…if you’re going to mention something rather antiquated like an ice-box, you might want to show pix of the doors of it open and explain how it works what it is etc. Readers today who would have no working knowledge of it will need this. Imho

    • It’s a museum exhibit. One does not monkey with the museum exhibits. I think the docent was out on a limb letting me wander the car and shoot pix already. Also the post was getting too long as it was.

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