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After the tour I hung around for a few minutes to grab photographs (because trying to shoot these tiny rooms with three other adults and four kids in the way just wasn’t going to work), then ducked back out and went walkabout in the museum yard. There have been a couple of changes since I was here several years ago, they’ve shut down a couple of the indoor model layouts, and they’ve cleaned up the yard where the “hobo jungle” was. In 2013 there were a dozen or so `bos lounging around and a couple of bulls stopping in for coffee,

but this year there was, sadly, nobody at all. It’s a shame; those guys were great at educating and keeping kids interested in history. But not there is not there, and I gave up on that end of the yard and went back to the main area. I stopped for shots of the 1972 caboose …

and the original control tower for the Fort Bend yard…

The interior of the tower is now another exhibit, with the original switchbox and the yard boss’s old desk, typewriters, phones, timetable and assorted necessaries…

It’s all computerized now, and there’s a radio speaker in the tower for the calls. It’s much better, safer, more efficient… but a computer voice (“eastbound line has cleared defect detector”) has not one gram of romance in it. None. I shot a few pictures and headed for the door.

As I was leaving the tower, another docent came by to lock up and we chatted for a bit about the history of the tower and some of his adventures in railroading, but he wanted to get home and I still had shots to get…


  1. Good to see you’re back out/about. Nxt time post interiors?

      • Betty Martin
      • Posted 29 May 17 at 0744
      • Permalink

      I wanted to see the inside, too! Did you take any interior shots? This post is awfully short, unless I’m missing a link to other pages. Interesting subject. More words and pictures please!

      • Not sure what you’re not seeing; there’s (supposed to be) a “next page” link right under “It’s a thing of beauty.” It’s a 5-page post; if you’re not seeing the link to the back pages something’s wrong. Are you on your computer or your phone?

  2. Ok, found them. Word…if you’re going to mention something rather antiquated like an ice-box, you might want to show pix of the doors of it open and explain how it works what it is etc. Readers today who would have no working knowledge of it will need this. Imho

    • It’s a museum exhibit. One does not monkey with the museum exhibits. I think the docent was out on a limb letting me wander the car and shoot pix already. Also the post was getting too long as it was.

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