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At one end of the coach is the office/drawing room/parlor, with a large couch, two small chairs and a table, and a small writing desk in the corner. Elegant beyond most things I’ve seen. Those Were The Days.

Next to this, behind the first door, is the master bedroom, which has a double bed with a bunk above, a couple of closets and storage spaces, its own sink and a small private toilet which serves this room and the next.

Beside it, sharing the toilet but without a sink or a bunk bed, is another bedroom, presumably for a guest, an executive assistant/private secretary, or an aide-de-camp. Again the double bed, but no bunk, a small bedside table and some storage space, but not much else.

The rest of the middle of the car is practical space – a steward/cook/valet’s room with a single bed and a narrow table, a galley with stove, sink, and icebox, and a storeroom/lavatory for the staff.

(A very small galley: ice box on left, sink and wash space on right. Prep area is to camera left and I’m standing where the (coal-fired) stove used to be.)

At the other end of the car is an exquisite dining room for four (or maybe six at most) with a fine chandelier, stained glass cabinets, and a small built-in writing desk in the corner. (Notice the 4 velvet cords holding the chandelier’s suspension rod to keep it from swaying…)

According to the docent there were only about ten of these built; one is in York, in England, and the fate of the other 8 is unknown. Perhaps one will turn up someday on a set of forgotten rails in some deserted barnyard. Or probably not, but it’s fun to think about things like that, and every few months someone DOES open a barn door and find the end of some kind of rainbow, so maybe….

Keeps us going out to the old barns, anyway…


  1. Good to see you’re back out/about. Nxt time post interiors?

      • Betty Martin
      • Posted 29 May 17 at 0744
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      I wanted to see the inside, too! Did you take any interior shots? This post is awfully short, unless I’m missing a link to other pages. Interesting subject. More words and pictures please!

      • Not sure what you’re not seeing; there’s (supposed to be) a “next page” link right under “It’s a thing of beauty.” It’s a 5-page post; if you’re not seeing the link to the back pages something’s wrong. Are you on your computer or your phone?

  2. Ok, found them. Word…if you’re going to mention something rather antiquated like an ice-box, you might want to show pix of the doors of it open and explain how it works what it is etc. Readers today who would have no working knowledge of it will need this. Imho

    • It’s a museum exhibit. One does not monkey with the museum exhibits. I think the docent was out on a limb letting me wander the car and shoot pix already. Also the post was getting too long as it was.

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