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Blair Pittman

April 1994 – Somewhere on the side of Chimborazo 15,000 feet up in the High Ecuadoran Andes

February 12, 1937 – October 10, 2016

August 1994 – So we’re on the train from Guayaquil, Ecuador, up into the Andes, when suddenly Blair decides to hold up the train….

Good friend, mentor, travel partner, companion in crime
(They never could catch us…)

August 1994 – It wasn’t until we all crawled back into our suddenly very small van that we realized those bags he was lying on contained raw sheep manure. It was a while before we let him live that one down.

Rest easy, my friend… see you soon….


    • Bill Larsen
    • Posted 11 Oct 16 at 1119
    • Permalink

    This is probably the best memorial that I have ever read. It is very difficult to lose a fellow wanderer and friend.

  1. So sorry, Clayton. Your friend looks like a very interesting person. I think he would have liked your tribute , particularly the one in which he is laying on the bags! Small van, indeed!

    • Lisa Muscarella
    • Posted 15 Oct 16 at 0953
    • Permalink

    What a touching tribute!

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