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Between the heat and the neighbors starting the Holiday fireworks a couple of days early (and staying with them more or less continuously for 3 days…) I was pretty much unFourthed by the morning of the 3d. I decided that I’d much rather get dangerously dehydrated in the shade of a beautiful mansion with a handful of agreeably sober historians than in a big open field with twenty or fifty thousand rowdy drunks, so I went back to 1776 at Bayou Bend instead of hitting the big commercial festivals. (Yes, I know, it wasn’t BUILT then and this part of the country was still what God meant it to be – a yellow fever swamp. The Allen Brothers won’t be born for decades. Time Travel involves paradox. Deal with it.)

Yes, they’re carrying military weapons – but the Second Amendment is still a few years in the future and the NRA is a LONG way off yet.

The problem with musicians is they don’t know enough to come in out of the sun…

“Pay attention, you. This is important and there WILL be a test. Several of them, actually. And they’re not graded on a curve.”

“We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident: That All Men are Created Equal…”

Okay, we’re not there yet but at least some of us are still trying.

There was other stuff, games and crowds and music and cake and such, but … This was the important part. (Well, that and drinking ice water by the gallon trying not to die…)

I hung around for an hour or so after the reading, chatting with soldiers and musicians and even a couple of Tories (“That’s Loyal British Subjects to you, you traitorous b*stards…”) and in general melting slowly, and then headed home. I thought about going out later for fireworks shots but there were already enough things going boom two buildings north and I just wasn’t up for it, so I stayed in and drank more gallons of ice water. After a few years fireworks all start to look the same anyway.

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  1. Wise choice of venue for the 4th! Love the photos, especially the expression your camera captured on the face of the British officer. Perfect!

    • That’s John Keahey. He’s a professional educator and military re-enactor, does soldiers from ancient Greece up to the Civil War and civilian settlers from several eras as well. We’ve known each other off and on for probably a decade now. He’s a serious pro and absolutely wonderful with expressions, and he very deliberately gave me that shot and a couple of others. When I went to BB I wasn’t sure what I was going to get but when I saw his name as the guy in charge of the living history stuff, I knew I’d struck pure gold. He’s as good as it gets and knows his stuff as well as anyone, especially from the grunt’s perspective. I’ve never discussed strategy or tactics or any of the command stuff with him, so I have no idea where he is with that. His stock in trade is the guy actually WEARING the “boots on the ground.”

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