Home Sweet Nylon Taffeta Home

Expecting (hoping) to spend more time on the road this year.

Home is where you stash the bedroll. And the computers and the cameras…

It’s sort of a monster, but it’s big enough to live and work in for a couple of weeks at a stretch, and I can handle it solo as long as the wind stays cooperative. And it’s a LOT cheaper than hotels.

So the next step, on a clear and somewhat warmer day, is to spray it heavily with Scotchgard and seal all the seams (it’s already guaranteed waterproof but a little more insurance is worth it.) and let it dry.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Nylon Taffeta Home

  1. Your back must have aged a lot better than mine has! Happy camping!

    • I’ve been pretty lucky so far. This one is a vehicle tent, though. It’s way too big to pack solo. For three, maybe, but not solo. I still have a couple of small hiking tents, but they’re really too small to do much more than sleep in. This one I could live in for a month and not be cramped…

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