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It seems sometimes that close to half the countries south of Texas celebrate their independence from one colonial power or another within a very few days. Some of this is history, some is coincidence, but what it means is there’s a really big party. In Texas and most of the United States it’s generally referred to as “Fiestas Patrias.” We throw parades.

And I generally try to shoot them… because, well, they’re parades. There are bands. There are dancers. There are floats. There are veterans and celebrities ON the floats. There are old cars, with politicians and celebrities in them or on them. There’s music. Lots of music. This year there were high school ROTC units practicing for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. There are flag-wavers and vaqueros and vaqueras and… it’s just a big noisy crazy spectacle and a heck of a lot of fun.

Also, for photographers, it’s what we might call a “target-rich” environment.

As always, the gallery is behind the picture.


    • Bill Larsen
    • Posted 21 Sep 15 at 0424
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    I love the regional differences in parades. A lot more silver and nickle (German silver) would decorate the saddles and bridles I loved looking at the saddles starting from #2478, If I am ever to ride again, I would like a rawhide saddle with the deep seat and the Charro horn. Thanks for posting this!

    • I noticed that, too. We used to have a LOT more of the really ornate work showing up here – I have pix of it from several years ago. I didn’t see any this year, and I don’t know why. It may be a matter of fashions changing, or it could be economics.

      World’s changing again.

      I noticed this year that the only ROTC units in actual uniform were the (very small) drill teams and the color guards. The Cadet Corps, almost to a student, were in jeans, trainers, and t-shirts. Disappointing.

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