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I’ve always been a fan of the quick little race cars – Minis, Sprites, Spitfires, Formula Fords, the small snappy little cars that can turn on a dime and give you back 9 cents, peppy little machines with little fourbanger engines that sound like a scottie chasing a badger. Cars where all a mistake means is “okay, no harm done, get it better next time.”

But when one of these big-bore V-8 Detroit monsters goes blasting by, winding its way up to escape velocity, the ground shakes and the air vibrates and you can’t hear anything but rumble, and the pleasant breeze suddenly has an edge of burned rubber and smoking Castrol and hot metal, I can’t help but think “This is what God drives when He’s in a hurry.”

There are many more pix from the Spring School here, if you’re into Vintage Racing or just like to look at pretty cars that go fast.


    • Lisa Muscarella
    • Posted 25 Feb 14 at 0605
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    I vote for the cute peppy one!!!!

    • So do I. Wanted to race those back in the day, but it never happened. Wound up in a Mini instead, which was probably better all around.

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