Well, sort of.  Not dead yet, anyway, and being informed by writing coaches and colleagues in no uncertain terms that I should be publishing more words (unspoken:  And fewer photos) I’m thinking about it.  And I can post them here without risk of anyone actually seeing them.

So, as stated, I’m thinking about it.  Sort of.


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Hello again.

Thanks to … I don’t know what, exactly…. I was informed by my hosting company that the backside of this blog had been infected with some sort of malware, despite it having not been used in almost a year.   Interestingly enough, the files were apparently compromised over a year ago, because the backups were bad, too.  In order to regain access to my other blog, my website, and The Other Texas, I simply nuked the blog.  (I seriously considered cancelling all of these, but I need the presence for now.)

Most amazingly, shortly after I was informed that my website was compromised, I received an email from my hosting company advising me that – surprise, surprise – they’d just this week partnered with a service that would, for a hundred bucks a year, keep track of the backend files on my blogs and let me know if they were compromised again – or, for close to five hundred a year, they’d back them up and help me FIX them.

“Nice website… shame if something were to happen to it…”

I’m sure they’re not like that.

So it’s now reinstalled as minimally as possible, just in case I get the urge to write something and publish it here.  It might happen; as I get older I get crankier and more wordy.

On the other hand I also get more private, more cynical (I think that’s still possible) and less inclined to want to bother trying to discuss things with people.

If I hit the lottery the FIRST thing I do is wipe out my internet presence.

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