Right up front: I hate advertising. (Hang on to your hats, because at the drop of one you'll get a long, intense, and deadly dull rant on Where We Went Wrong; the development of marketing as an independent discipline and an industry has a big part of that...) I'll shut this place down and go live on a mountain before I'll take money for endorsements. Needless to say I don't do advertising assignments either, and I don't sell for non-editorial uses.

So the stuff on this page, and the pages I'm linking to... these are people I've personally done business with, products I personally use and like, shooters whose work and ethics I respect, organizations and WebRings of which I'm proud to be part. (My HS grammar teacher did a good job!) They haven't asked for links, they may not even know they've got them here... but still. Webpages to look at, now or later....

Oh, and for purposes of keeping the lawyers at bay... Logos here are copyrighted and trademarks, and are property of their various owners. I'm using them only as links to the websites of the companies involved. If you represent one of these companies and this is a problem, please advise and I'll remove the logo and the link forthwith.

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Photojournalists seem to come in two flavors: either we NEVER look at other pjs' work, or we're just flat OBSESSED with it.

It seems to me that the second category folks tend to improve faster and further than the first, but that might have something to do with the fact that I'm a member of that second category.

The Web is a marvelous tool for showing and for looking, and while there are thousands of wonderful sites of photojournalism out on the web, I'm trying to pick the ones that are, In MY Opinion, the best I've seen so far.

(As the saying is, your mileage will vary... and if you know of something I've missed, I want to know about it.)

(This space under construction...)