The neatest thing about some of my photography is that I get to go play at being a kid again.

Now, admittedly some folks who know me well would argue that I never stopped.
(Well, "never grew up" is probably the way they'd put it, but it comes to the same thing, right?)

Anyway for the last few years I've had the perfect excuse to wander the midways and shoot pictures...

I'm working on a story.


I am not entirely certain why anyone would want to ride this thing,
but it did make a nice shot.

This one escapes me too...
but hey, I'm on the outside with a tripod, it's not MY problem....

slide 1

"Now THIS looks cool!"

Skeeball Races
Ball Toss
Basketball Toss
Coin Toss

Mechanic 1
mechanic 2

Sometimes you gotta take time out to fix things....

But Wait... there's MORE